Hive magazine is ALWAYS looking for volunteer writers to join our team!

Manchester is such a huge place with so much going on; so many people and so many places; so much talent and so many opportunities; so much to see and do; so many streets and bars and restaurants and shops and various attractions, it’d be impossible for our small team of 12 editors to keep up with everything. So that’s where you come in.

As a volunteer writer for “Hive” there’s no pressure to work certain hours/days; we don’t expect you to go out of your way to produce material (although we wouldn’t stop you!) and most importantly you’re never told HOW to write.

All we want you to do is write what you like to write about, how you like to write it and then share it with us. Art, music, fashion, film, theatre, sport, culture, politics... you name it! News, reviews, opinions, interviews... anything you like! Just keep it fresh and keep it MANCHESTER!

As an official writer for Hive magazine:

1) You will be able to talk with and/or collaborate with other writers registered with us.


2) You maintain all the rights to any work you submit to us.


3) Your articles are CLEARLY accredited to you, featuring (if you so wish) your name, photograph and contact details; increasing tenfold your chances of being recognised for your efforts.


4) Writers who regularly submit material will enjoy various privileges regarding “Hive” related events and products.

To register yourself as a writer for “Hive” please CLICK HERE and fill out the form!

Once you’ve joined our forum you will be able to chat and interact with our editors and fellow writers who are there to offer advice, fill you with ideas, inspire you and ultimately help further your career as a writer.